I steal one dimension from spaces

The word “photography” has got a clear origin: it’s the union of the Ancient Greek words “light” (φῶς | phôs) and “writing” (γραφή | graphè), it literary means writing the light. What is not fully clear is its purpose.
Many think of photography as a mere reproduction of reality, one frozen instant in two dimensions. It’s not just about that, there’s something more.
Photography is communication, first and an art too. As in all arts, the tool is used by the artist to make art, not the contrary. Photography describes reality, but in a very peculiar way. Would you call a poem and a newspaper story the same thing?
To me, photography is interpretation of visual elements, discover of perspective lines, patterns and rhythms, a unique point of view, something that you could never find in a glimpse.
To realize this kind of imaginary, the HDR is an essential tool, it allows me to see and let see more than a single snap could catch: I can choose how to represent every single shade of coulour and light, as the sculptor creates volumes from a marble block.
Technology is a huge gift for a photographer, it allows to go beyond the technical limitation of the past years.
Even if many ”purists” won’t agree with me, I think that regretting film is like regretting the telegraph.


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